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Department of Paksitan Studies

The Department of Pakistan Studies was established at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University in 2017. Its academic programme is subjected to approval by the Academic Council of the University. The Chairman/HOD is the academic and administrative head of the Department. As Pakistan Studies is a multidisciplinary subject, it includes history, politics, foreign affairs, economy, culture, archaeology and languages of Pakistan etc. Thus, it is taught utilizing “a unified approach”. The Department is important in fact that it helps in the development of healthy attitudes of individuals towards the community, understanding the needs of economic stability, an appreciation of the cultural heritage and a respect for those leaders who struggled for the independence of Pakistan. The importance of the Department can also be imagined by the future vision that it has aimed to develop well-informed policymakers, experts, administrators and true patriotic Pakistani citizens.

Our Mission and Vision

In the line of the University’s mission, the department has focused to promote and highlight its importance in all fields that are contributing to the development of the state, Pakistan. The multidimensional scheme of studies seeks to cover all range of issues pertaining to nation-building and state structure in Pakistan and to provide awareness about the remedial measures for overcoming all the socio-cultural and political issues and undertake research on themes related to history, politics, foreign affairs, economy, culture and languages of Pakistan. The department of Pakistan Study has dedicated its full energy for the pursuit of excellence and brilliance in all its academic subjects. We would like to see our students, after graduation and under graduation to achieve high goals and perform extremely well in all fields of life.

Programmes Offered:

1. M. A. Pakistan Studies.

2. BS. Pakistan Studies.