Department of Agriculture - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Department of Agriculture


Pakistan is among the population bulging centers of the world. Thus, in order to cope with the demand for food and clothing for the existing population and the added mouths is the biggest challenge. Malakand Division comprises one-third area of Khyber Pakthunkha and possesses an immense potential for Hill Farming and Horticulture. The peculiar terrain of Malakand Division and consequently its agro-ecological conditions warrant a distinct package of production technology for horticultural and field crops grown in this area as compared to the central and southern plain areas of the province. The area is bestowed with the marvelous natural resources like timber and medicinal plants but besides maize, potato, vegetables particularly off-season vegetables, dry and fresh fruits of this area have no match in the whole country. Hence, Agriculture is a recent addition into the galaxy of departments at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal Dir Upper during 2015-16. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of Pakistan. Among different sectors, it contributes about 21% to gross domestic product (GDP) and offers livelihoods to 44% of the population. Whereas, agriculture as a discipline is not taught in any of the universities in the Malakand Division, hence in order to cater to the needs of the farming community of Himalayan-Hindu Kush region, the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University has taken the lead to commission this important discipline into the array of its departments during Fall-2015-16. So far this department is offering B.Sc Hons. Agr. Degree Program and intends to offer the specialization in Agronomy and Horticulture in the beginning.

Our Mission

To understand the agricultural problems of the area and accordingly devise package of Production Technology, in order to cater to needs of the clientele and boosting the production per unit area and impart world class undergraduate and graduate education relevant to the geology, geography and agro-ecology of the area.

Our Objectives

  • To train manpower to take responsibility of thrashing the problems faced by the farming community of Pakistan and specifically the Malakand Division.
  • To devise and offer courses pertinent to the geography and agro-ecology of this area.
  • To build a liaison with the international bodies like specializing in similar areas agricultural development like ICIMOD, Himalayan Universities Consortium etc., to develop and improve courses relevant to the end users i.e growers of this area.
  • To contribute in increasing the farm income and socio-economic status of the farming community of this area.

    F.Sc Pre Engineering or Pre-Medical Second Division Minimum or Equivalent     


    Specialization in Agriculture would be helpful in hunting jobs in Public Sector in Agricultural Research, Agriculture Extension, Soil Survey, Soil Conservation, Water Management, Zarai Taraqiati Bank alongwith other Commercial Banks, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Federal Plant Protection, Federal Seed Certification and Atomic Energy. The Private Sector jobs include such as agro-based national and multinational organizations as Research Officer, Agricultural Extension Officer, Marketing Officer, Managers, Consultants, Supply Chain Coordinators, Farm Managers and Agriculture Credit Officers. It also provides an opportunity to enter into self-employment immediately upon graduation.