Faculty in the Department of Pharmacy - SBB University, Sheringal

Faculty in the Department of Pharmacy

Dr.Shujaat Ahmad

Dr. Shujaat Ahmad(HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor & Chairman Department of Pharmacy
Ph.D, Post Doc. (China)
Email. chairman_pharmacy@sbbu.edu.pk
Email. shujaat@sbbu.edu.pk

Dr.Shafiq Ur Rahman (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor
Ph.D (UOP), Post Doc. (Peking University)

Dr. Najm

Dr. Najm-Ur-Rahman
Assistant Professor
Email. ttlionheart@gmail.com

Dr. Riaz

Dr. Muhammad Riaz (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Ph.D, Post Doc. (China)

  Dr.Akhtar Amman 
Assistant Professor
Email: dramanrph@sbbu.edu.pk

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Dr. Hamid Afridi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D University of Malakand
MPH Sarhad University
MPhil University of Peshawar
hamid_moon@ yahoo.com
Email: hamid@sbbu.edu.pk

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Dr. Zul Kamal
PhD Pharmaceutics (China), MPhil-Pharmaceutical Sciences ( Pak), Pharm-D (Pak), Traditional Chinese
Medicines-Certified ( China), Diploma in Eastern/Unani Medicines-FTJ (Pak), Certified in Computer Aided Drug Designing ( India)
Research Interest: Multi-functional Drug Delivery System, New Drug Development and Traditional Chinese Medicines (Pharmaceutics)>
Email: xulkamal@sbbu.edu.pk/ zul_kamal2002@yahoo.com

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Mr. Anwar Ul Haq
Email: anwar@sbbu.edu.pk

Dr. Abid Ullah (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph.D (Clinical Pharmacy) , M.Phil (Pharmaceutical Sciences),Pharm-D (Gold Medallist)
Email: abid@sbbu.edu.pk

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Dr. Haya Hussain
Ph.D (Medicinal Chemistry), M.Phil (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Pharm.D
Email: hayahussain99@gmail.com
Email: haya@sbbu.edu.pk
Mr.KiramatUllah Khan
Office Assistant
Cell# 03018089986
Email: Kiramtullahkhan@sbbu.edu.pk